Monday, March 26, 2012

Alaska 2007 Shop Hop Quilt

Isn't this a great quilt?? Lyn is going to enter this in her local quilt show in July.

I'm working away on it and will soon have some fun stuff to show you. Its taking me a bit of time stand by.  There will be quilting pics soon.

Just to pique your interest a bit, here's a shot of the sashing and border I took, so that when I get to the bottom, I can remember what I did. Thank goodness for cell phones and digital cameras!!

Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Just found your blog based on this post as I am working on my Alaska 2007 Shop Hop quilt blocks this year! (Finally!!)

  2. Hi Lyn, glad you stopped by. Be careful when you're cutting; Lyn had some issues with the amounts of fabric provided. Send me a pic when you're done. I understand they're all a bit different.


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