Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Beautiful Morning with Pony Kisses

Yesterday was so cloudy, our satellite didn't even work for awhile. It was literally as thick as pea soup, as the saying goes.  This morning, though, it is beautiful out.

This is the view from our living room of the Olympic Mountains...I never get tired of looking at them.

And, as promised...pony kisses from the girls: Kate on the left and Emma on the right.



  1. I see why you love the view!! I do too! How marvelous to wake up and see that! And pony kisses too, life is indeed good. I love pony kisses, but do not love a "shower" when they sneeze, nor to be used as a napkin when they haven't swallowed all their food.LOL I also love when the big Grey sings for his breakie. He whinnies the loudest for it, and shakes his head. (If he doesn't, we are having a colic day, and I hate those!)Thanks for the pictures! Sara

  2. Its also nice (not) when they have a mouthful of water that they just let accidentally spill all over you!


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