Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Always Smoke Free, Mostly Pet Free"

That's what it says at the bottom of my business card.  And this is why...

When we rescued Dash, he decided I was his person. Initially, even Dennis wasn't enough for him. Now, however, Dennis is good and so are our neighbors and good friends, Don and Annie. That means, we can actually go somewhere and leave the dogs with them rather than always having them in the car. What freedom...we can do overnight things again!

Dash is pretty good about staying on the rug...pretty good. I don't have the heart to make him stay out of the studio or shut the door, so he's my "mostly pet free."



  1. how could you refuse such a face!!!

    1. I just can't! This little guy has stolen my heart!!

  2. DH & I rescued Casey 3 years ago. . . .DH really wanted another buddy after we lost our dog; I wasn't ready but gave in.

    Casey decided right from the beginning that I was her person and is never far away from me; so I can understand exactly what you are saying.

    Unfortunately, due to probable abuse, Casey hasn't warmed up to many of the people in our lives so it is good that we have a travel trailer and take her with us when we go away.

    Dash is such a cutie I don't think I could refuse him either!! LOL

    1. The first year we had Dash, he went with us everywhere. He's so cute, people are forever trying to pet him, but he just doesn't trust that easily. I think his lack of trusting is due to the fact that we are the second family to adopt him; the first returned him. We love him, weird issues and all!


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