Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Travel Day

Dennis and I have an agreement: Any trips to Quincy must be done during Guild week so that I can attend our meeting. We decided last week to go down on Monday (day before yesterday) to pick up our tractor, meet up with my sister and go shopping for a love seat to match our couch, and then head back north before his kayak class on the 23d.  Then the rain came; then the snow came...and here we are, still in Sequim.

We decided to put the trip off for a day, but then we saw the picture from the weather cam at the summit of the Siskiyous. It was snowing so hard you could barely see any vehicles. Now we're leaving two days later than planned, but I'll still make our guild meeting.  Luckily, the summit looks like this today, so we should make it over without an issue.

Of course, we had planned to be leaving Sequim by 7 this morning...its nearly 9 now. Best laid plans and all...


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