Saturday, March 3, 2012


Isn't this quilt beautiful?

 It is my second Tradewinds quilt and I love this pattern! It used to be a free pattern on the Hoffman Fabrics site, but not anymore. However, I did a little searching and found the pattern here, if you want to make one of your own.

I love the secondary pinwheels that are created by the placement of the background fabrics. Can you see them?? Here are some close-ups, including one of the borders where I did a meandering feather pattern.

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  1. Hi Dory:
    I just discovered Trade Winds and found your blog surfing for the pattern. Thanks so much for saving me $$. I love the quilting on your quilt. It really adds to the movement of the pinwheels.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Mary in Texas

  2. Hi Mary! I'm not sure how I saved you money, but you're welcome. And thanks for commenting!!

  3. I thinkyousaved her $ because she didn't have to buy the trade winds pattern, but now the link you have doesn't work

    I really want to try this quilt for my aging mother

  4. Hi "Anonymous," if you do a search for "Tradewinds Quilt Pattern," you'll come up with many options. Give it a go...not sure if any of them are free, but the pattern is inexpensive.


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