Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Sequim Studio

My studio is done!!! Its lovely having my own space, especially being right off the house. We've converted the garage and if we open the door to the studio when we leave in the morning to work out, by the time we're home its lovely and warm. I also have an  Eden-Pure heater that keeps it warm and is quite efficient. However, I'm not sure I'm buying their claim that it will heat a 1000 square-foot area; but it does fine with my 300 square-foot area.

My first quilt was done in here.  It was cold and dark and made me really miss my yurt!

But now I get to quilt in here! We put in a wall that leaves Dennis all of about 10 feet at the front of the garage, where the main door garage door is. I have the back two-thirds of the garage with a view of our backyard and the pond. This picture sort of gives an overview of the whole room.  My plan is to make a long quilt to hang on the back open wall.  It will be squares of black and white 12" blocks with different background fills quilted in each one.

Taken from the same side, showing a different perspective. The two cabinets hold customer quilts and batting. The shelves near the window will hold all  my quilting books (when I finally put them up there). The cutting table has shelves for all my Art-Bin project containers and my bolts of fabric. I purchased this table from a longarm quilter that was going out of business. This is the first time I've actually had the room to use it. The door you can see will be replaced with a full-light door that I found at a used furniture shop. I am going to paint the inside with black and white blocks of some sort to carry on the theme from the floor. If you look closely, you can see that the switch plate by the door is also black.

This was taken from the opposite side of the room toward the house. As you can see, the door is open and the dogs have been great. They know not to come in and they lie right in the doorway. Its pretty cute. The other door you see is to Dennis' teeny-tiny bit of the garage that's left.

Same basic view, but you can see further into the house (notice the cute little Dash dog??) 

The racks hold my thread, the cases below hold my bobbins. I've just bought another holder so that I have six instead of the odd five. I've also noticed that I don't have nearly enough thread!!

This is a shot of a curtain rod that has hooks on it for me to use to hang my quilts for pictures. When I have local customers, I will hang their quilts there so that they get a full view upon entering the studio.

And my sewing are.  Of course, I haven't been able to sew there yet, but soon...I hope!

Quilt pics will start to follow...thanks for hanging in there with me. It feels so good to be quilting again!



  1. lovely studio so fresh and organized, you are blessed!-I need to hang my thread racks too-and I don't have enough threads either--:)
    Enjoy your new space.

    1. I love my thread racks; my studio needs all the color it can get! My new space is great and I'm really enjoying it!

    2. I love your studio. I myself like to have everything in one room.

    3. I'm still kicking the idea around. Thanks for commenting!


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