Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthdays Year 'round

I picked up the mail the other day and had a squishy package.  Funny thing was, I hadn't ordered anything and I'm not the one collecting the blocks for our exchange; so what was it?? It was a package from my friend Kristina in Ely!!  Its a birthday present!!  Yippee...I love presents!!!  Who cares if my birthday was in January?? I certain don't.  I'd be happy if people remembered my birthday on a monthly basis, everyone on a different month and then I could get a presents year 'round!! That would be most excellent!!

Inside the package were these wonderful things:


"Less Stress Feathers" is by Jodi Robinson and it looks like she's actually accomplished this.  I can't wait to have time to load my practice piece and try her method.  I'm always looking for a way to make my feathers look better and to keep from stressing over doing them!  The round item that looks like a CD is actually a really cute card.  Neat idea!  And finally...look at these:
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Really cute earrings with a quilting motif...what could be better.  Thanks, Kristina.  Everything is lovely, as are you.  I can hardly wait to actually meet you and Shannon this summer...oh what fun we'll have!

Not to be too maudlin, but isn't it funny how people you've never met face-to-face can become such good friends?  I'm not sure what got Kristina and I talking the first time, but we've had phone conversations and exchanged e-mails for months now.  Shannon found my blog a few months after I'd started it and e-mailed me to say it was time to update it.  My last post had been three months before she found it.  After all, I thought, who in their right mind would want to read it??  I still don't have many "followers," but that doesn't matter so much anymore. It just feels good to put my feelings down on paper and if you read it and like it and want to sign up to follow...great! (just click the "follow" button)  But if you read it once and never come back, or if you just want to read and not "follow," that's fine too.  Its just nice to know that there are a handful of people out there that seem to care or have an interest in what I say.  Thank you, it means alot to me.


  1. silly dory fish....

    *moose smoochies!*

  2. Happy really belated birthday!
    And I do follow you....just anonymous...but I'm gonna change that now, bet you have a lot more anon. ones than you think!

  3. I like to read everyones blogs, it's fun and you never know how many giggles or tears you are going to get each time you click on a new post. Happy belated B-day! oh & BTW you have more followers than I do, so why all the complaining?, lol ;0)

  4. Hey Sista...glad you liked the surpise in the mail! Better late than never I always say! Thanks for the compliment too. You are a sweetheart! Love ya, ;0) Kristina

  5. You guys are all terrific; I appreciate you so much!!


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