Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good News...

I was in Reno early last week and stopped by to see whether some fabric I'd purchased from Twisted Scissor, a really cute quilt shop in Spanish Springs, was still there.  I'd been to this store once before about a month prior to going to Asilomar/Empty Spools.  Karen, the owner, actually remembered me!  We got to talking and I offered to quilt some store samples for her in exchange for fabric and my card and flyer being on/near the quilt.  My goal, as you all know, is to get more customers.

I stopped by yesterday to pick up the top, but she didn't have the back ready yet.  We'll be back in Reno either this weekend or next, so I'll show you a picture when I get it.  I'm also offering a 5% discount for people who mention her store name when they make the appointment for their initial consultation.  (I'm hoping there will be lots of trips to Reno to pick up lots of quilts in my future!)

Dennis was with me and she talked to him about embroidering her business name on an apron for her.  He immediately got to work when we got home and embroidered an apron for her with her store name and using a pair of scissors to be the "I" in both Twisted and Scissor.  It looked so cute and she loved it.  This was the graphic he changed to look more like quilting scissors rather than haircutting scissors; he also changed the font.  I'll get a pic the next time I'm in Reno.

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