Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today is Tuesday....

...and you're saying, "duh," right?  Well, here's the deal.  Yesterday was my last Monday and today is my last Tuesday of being "employed" at a job with a set schedule, an office, etc.  Yesterday, I didn't feel any different coming to work. Today, I'm almost sad.  What's up with that??? (Maybe its the rain.)

I adore being at home and working in my house or in the yurt.  In fact, during my three-day weekends, I will do almost anything to NOT come to town.  I do all my shopping during the week and if we decide to have a pizza for dinner, I can usually talk Dennis into going into town for me.  I think the fact that the dreaded "change" is coming, even though I'm so looking forward to it, is still scary. 

Tonight I have to travel to Graeagle (about 30 minutes away) to take minutes for one of the districts I'll be working for and tomorrow night I have my quilting class.  These things will be so much easier when I'm not working all day and then going to them; life will settle down and be so much better.  I want to paint the interior of the house in fun colors (Dennis finally has agreed that walls do not have to be white!), I want to keep it relatively clean and free of muddy puppy prints, I want to have time to do my quilts as well as my customer quilts.  All this will happen beginning, officially, on Monday...so why am I sad?  Perhaps because I'm female???

Here are some photos of my office.  The woman in the military outfit in the photo on top of the wooden file cabinet is my mom; she was a Marine.  I adore this photo of her--she looks so beautiful.  Hard to see much (other than my lack of neatness), but I had to use my work camera which was the first digital camera ever invented.

And my boss is initiating a new tradition: every month that has a 5th Thursday, the office is invited to go out for a drink.  He's trying to say its a coincidence with this Thursday being a 5th and my retiring and that it really isn't a celebration of my leaving.  I'm not convinced!!


  1. Even good change that you need to do is sad and scary, a little bit. I think you'll be amazed at how quickly your days at home fill up and you'll wondered how you ever worked and did everything else and stayed "relatively" sane in the process.
    here's to the exciting next chapter in your journey!

  2. Hi Dory, I had a two week holiday in Jan/Feb, then I had another two weeks left that I had to take April...when I'm off I don't know how I find the time to go to work, but you know what, I seem to be able to organise my life more when I go to work three days a week and guess what, the last thing I want to do is go to town on my days off either if I can help it!
    I've been to your blog a few times before but I'm glad to see you have been over to take a look at my humble life.. we all like that fly on the wall syndrome dont we?

    Keep popping over as May/June is horse/history
    Best wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Happy Retirement Dory. Tomorrow is the true start of it! Enjoy yourself!


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