Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring in Butterfly Valley

Every year, several things happen that let us know its spring:  The Masterson's come back (these are the bats that fly around eating mosquitos), a bird arrives that makes a "whooping" noise at it flies around eating mosquitoes and who knows what else, and these geese come back to roost.  They are here every year and I'm vowing to see their little ones this year before they leave.  I've never seen them before and I'm just hoping that the coyotes don't wait for their arrival as much as I do.

Also visiting this year for the first time in our pasture are these cranes.  They make the most awesome noise.  I just knew when I saw them that it warranted a trip back to get the camera.  Not only were they kind enough to hang out for the photo session, they even let Dennis walk out and get pretty close.  I love how you can tell the male and female apart...but why is it that the female always follows the male????

This is the male in flight as he went over our electric fence.  Isn't his wingspan awesome?

Of course, since I had the camera in hand, Emma felt it necessary that her picture be taken as well

Hank loves Spring.  He can find a million sticks and pinecones just begging for humans to throw for him. And if he can't find the one they threw, he'll pick out a different one for you.  He doesn't understand what happens to all his sticks in the winter and why he can never find any when the ground is white.

Kate was relatively good for her spring trim.  Dennis trimmed both she and Emma. 

After her trim, Emma got worked in the roundpen.  As you can tell by the look on her face, she thinks running in circles is stupid and can barely be bothered. 

Chloe was in heaven though.  She stays on the outside and runs back and forth while the horses are being shod or lunged.  She lives for her ponies! Sunday she got to come out with us for a four-mile ride.

The only sad note in all this:  our cart.  Its been through a lot.  It served us well for two Tevis adventures of our own, several for our friends and then became the feeding cart.  It was doing quite well, until Dennis decided to modify it with the flatbed.  He still used it though...right until it looked like this!



  1. Emma is hilarious! You can tell by where her tail is that she is highly put out with such activities!

  2. Isn't she a crack up?? That girl has more attitude than any horse ever!!


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