Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Ultimate April Fool's Joke

...courtesy of Mother Nature:

Those white dots are not problems with your monitor; they're big snow flakes.  Here's a better look of what's going on here today:

Can you see both deer??
I'm surprised they're out; generally they're in the barn eating our hay!


  1. HA HA HA HA

    it's an absolutely beautiful sunny day here in marietta! highs today reached 80! i have all windows open and airing out quilts on the clothes line....the dafolis are smiling and i can see some tulip buds starting to stretch....

    sucks to be you!

    *moose smoochies*

  2. lol...when we lived in Mt.Shasta, the "good" weather started in july!
    I love the quietness of snow....
    Keep warm!

  3. We got another 6" on Sunday night; of course, most of it is gone now and the sun is shining!!

  4. Ha, we got in on this joke too - driving back from BV across Hatchet Mountain to Redding!


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