Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime Quilting in the Yurt

The yurt has become a very interesting place to be this time of year. Its generally between 53 and 55 degrees in the morning..chilly. But, if you light a fire, its entirely too warm by mid-morning. We have a little electric heater that we put on to get the morning chill off.

Then the sun raises more and shines directly on the yurt. You can actually watch the temperature rise as that happens. Sunday it hit 81! I was able to stop the ascent by opening a couple of windows and raising the top, but where the suns hits directly is sweltering. I finally gave up and took Kate out for a spin.

Before it got real hot, I finished this cute Wizard of Oz quilt for Joanne's niece, Annie. Its her first quilt; she picked out the pattern and the fabric. (Naturally, I love everything "Wizard of Oz"--its the only good thing about being named Dorothy!) I think she did a great job. I used the Alfresco pantograph and didn't quilt over Dorothy's face.

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I now have a lovely Selvage Quilt loaded from Carolyn. And best of all, after a quick trip to Reno last weekend, I am now the proud owner of an air conditioner that will cool 750 sq. ft.  Since the yurt is only 450 sq. ft, I'm hoping it works!   


  1. Love your Oz quilt, Dory. Great job! I have been looking back at your "wildlife" photos too, they are so pretty, along with your horses. Had to laugh at your sorrel that doesn't like going in circles. Too funny! Love your blog!

    Linda Craig

  2. Thanks, Linda. I can't wait until Joanne gives it to her granddaughter. Yes, our little filly, Emma, is very opinionated and she lets us know! Thanks for looking! d


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