Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dragonfly (not in amber) Quilt

This is Nancy's Dragonfly quilt. (Did you catch that Outlander reference??)  Anyway, this is one of those quilts where I wanted to smack myself when I was finished.  But first, here's a pic of the quilt as a whole.

Lots of linework in this one to frame those flowered blocks. The color of the quilt is not yellow; I have no idea why the photo is!

 And here is where I could have done so much better.  Nancy wanted a dragonfly on the quilt in one of the purple squares. I could have had Dennis embroider a beautiful one before I started quilting. Did I think of that??? No, of course not. Instead, she got this one. (I'm still kicking myself!)
Here's a shot of the back...

Thanks for taking the time to look!!


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