Monday, November 2, 2009

Catching up...

First and most important, is the new header for my blog.  Its a painting by Leslie Anne Webb.  I first saw her work in Truckee several years ago; since then, I've admired not only her art but the work she does.  She's a dedicated horse activest for whom I have the utmost respect.  I e-mailed her to ask permission to use this  work as my header and she couldn't have been nicer.  Please visit her website.

Saturday was spent all day in Reno...well, it felt like all day.  First we watched a friend for an hour at the World Championship Weight Lifting event at the Peppermill.  A good friend of mine had  a very apt comment: "Who decided that weight lifting was a spectator sport?"  I enjoyed the 30 seconds of watching our  friend; I did not enjoy the 59 minutes of watching the others!

Then it was off to my sister's in Carson to pick up a quilt from a new customer, Judy, and then back to Home Depot to buy fun stuff for the yurt.   Two hours later we left Home Depot with kitchen cabinets, a kitchen sink, a small refer, a toilet, wall sconces, a ceiling fan, stain for the concrete floor and wood to build the walls with.  

I worked on two quilts this weekend and was *this close* to finishing both of them.  Both had pantos and in my second to last row on the second quilt, I forgot to change my stitch length back after basting the sides and bottom.  I completed that whole row at 5 stitchs per inch instead of this afternoon was spent frogging....

Here's a photo of the one I finished...I used Shooting Stars panto on this Victory Quilt.

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