Friday, November 6, 2009

Frame Friday

Its still Friday...although late, but at least I'm posting what's on my frame!  I've actually had two quilts on today.  I finshed this one and delivered it this afternoon.  My customer, Mona, is a new to quilting, but you'd never know it by her piecing.  She's very good and her quilts are a pleasure to work on.  I did a panto on this one, Blowing Leaves, as I didn't want to take away from her piecing.

I love how the back turned out...

The one on now is an unusually shaped table-topper.   It belongs to a new customer who didn't care what I put on it.  Perfect time to practice my meandering feathers...right?  Well, yes & no.  Can you see the feathers??  No...well, me neither.  Its making it awfully hard to quilt them, but then, I guess my mistakes won't show up either!

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