Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Visitors in the Night

Dennis went down to feed yesterday morning (he does morning feedings while I shower) a bit groggy as usual. As he looked toward the pasture, he noticed that two horses appeared to be on the wrong side of the fence. Upon closer inspection, he realized that there were still four horses inside the fence...what?? Apparently, at some point last night, two of our neighbor's horses escaped. Bodie and Nova came for a visit.

A little hay and they were enticed into our round pen. A call to our neighbor to let them know the pones were safe and off we went to work.

Got home last night and just before we went down to feed, our neighbor called--she'd been tied up all day and hadn't retrieved the horses yet. Poor guys had been in our round pen all day without much feed and no water, since we expected them to be leaving shortly. So we fed and watered them last night and again this morning. Hopefully, she'll be over to get them later today.

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