Saturday, November 7, 2009

Meandering Feathers

I've been wanting to try these on a "real" quilt.  I tried the for the first time on my sister's quilt and learned two valuable lessons.  First, if you have to stop in the middle, be sure to complete the entire feathering on both sides of the spine...or you might forget! (I did!)  Second, if your lines are wavey and just go across the quilt, it looks like rows of feathers, not meandering...(rows aren't nearly as pretty)

This top I learned that if your thread matches too closely, its impossible to see where you're at without sticking your nose practically under the needle.  I meandered the entire top with feathers and made sure to not do any rows.  I'm happy with how it turned out and since the thread does match so nicely, where I wasn't perfect isn't noticeable.

and the back...which really doesn't show much. I used a So Fine! taupe thread.

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