Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gotta Love Uncle Sam!!!

Today I learned about blog etiquette; for example, if someone sends you something in the mail, you should take a picture and post it on your blog.  So far, I've received four things in the mail (one today) and I haven't posted any pictures...but I'm still new to this whole blogging thing...so bear with me.

First , I received a quilt from my friend, Shannon, in Georgia.  No the quilt isn't for me, exactly, its to be donated to NorCal Equine Rescue  for them to raffle.  I seized four severely emaciated horses last May and NorCal took them without charging the County anything.  Without NorCal, that part of my job would be really difficult.  (That's me standing behind the one of the other horses.) With NorCal, horses that look like this

end up looking like this (they've named her Daisy and she's on the left).  Amazing, isn't it??

It broke my heart to see these horses so neglected; but they are all fat and sassy now.  It truly is a happy ending.  If you have any spare cash, even $5, NorCal could use it, especially in this economy.

So, back to my gifts.  Shannon sent this quilt (pictures to follow...stay tuned) which will accompany the quilt that I will be putting together from the many women on the APQS chat that contributed blocks.  NorCal will have two quilts to raffle, which I hope will bring them lots of money!!

Then, on Shannon's tutorial page a few months ago, she demonstrated how to make a pin cushion that is made to look like and eyeball--isn't it great!  I'm dying to go to a class so I can "stick a needle in my eye"!!

The next thing Uncle Sam delivered is this beautiful quilt.  I won this quilt from the Sagebrush Quilters in Ely.  My friend, Kristina, sold me the tickets after she quilted this quilt for her guild.  The best part of winning this quilt is that not only did Kristina quilt it and sell me the winning ticket, but she left her guild after they treated her poorly.  Gotta love the irony!!

Finally, today, in my mailbox was this.

Its from Shannon, too...do you think she knows I love horses and that since I work 40 hours a week and quilt for others all weekend and try to keep my new, green-broke mare ridden, I'm just a tad busy??  This is now hanging in my studio and will be proudly displayed in my yurt, when its finished...someday...

Thank you Shannon for everything!!! I wish you lived closer...but you will be coming out to visit and teach next summer...plan on it!  Imagine the fun that you, Kristina and I will have.

PS...just got an e-mail from Shannon.  This is what she pictured when she first saw this placque: "i have this mental picture of this bow legged cowboy holding the end of a rope that is limply hanging over, all frayed on the end. in the background there's a horse running off. the cowboy is standing there scratching his/her head...you know how a seasoned rodeo cowboy can take his hat off and scratch his head at the same time....that's what i saw..."  Pretty funny!!


  1. Beautiful horses, I love the stick a needle in your eye pincushion. Leave it to Shannon to come up with that little bit of whimsey! :)

  2. Shannon always finds the best stuff! I can't wait to see my guildmates' faces when I pull that out at the next class!!

  3. Man I want an eyeball.....guess I need to get one made...and its so good to see the fat and sassy Daisy...she does look good. And yes, Shannon does find good things.

  4. Or you could get Shannon to make one for you! Daisy looks like a different horse now, as do the other three. She's still available for adoption along with the little gray mare; the other two have been adopted already.

  5. Hi D,
    Your quilting just keeps getting better everytime I see it. Keep up the great work, I am sure Darlene would be proud. I get to say I knew her in the beginning of her longarm career....
    That eye is too cool.
    You are doing a great thing, fundraising for such a great cause. I just donated to our local SPCA as it is such a great charity.
    Miss you and hopefully we get to plan another quilting vacation soon!!!
    Take care,

  6. Thanks, Lisa!! We will make it to a show sooner rather than later--I miss you, too!


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